Julie Gregory

I live and work in the most beautiful part of the world, being an Northumbrian born and bred makes me a bit bias i suppose, but really it is just amazing.

My husband and I are 3rd generation farmers, working along side our son and daughter, along with their partners and i am blessed with five grandchildren.

Creating things is in my blood it seems. From a very young age i was always, painting, sewing, crafting and knitting 

With no formal art training but plenty of enthusiasm I have nurtured my artistic and craft skills over the years, soaking up the chance to learn through many sources including books, YouTube videos, art clubs, workshops and art and craft holidays. I jumped at any chance I could to absorb new techniques and mediums. 

My style in painting and crafting has varied over the years and I’ve enjoyed the learning journey. Finally embracing acrylics as my fine art medium of choice and working with natural fleece from my own sheep. Spinning and Weaving is my favoured craft and I’m also a basket maker working with the natural willow i grow here on the farm.

Having lived on the Northumberland coast all my life my artistic senses are honed by its gritty beauty and amazing light on offer at any time of the year.

Seasons, skies and the sea all play an important role in my art and provide me with an ever-changing source of inspiration. 


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