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Coast magazine -Coast Character

Coast magazine -Coast Character


I am very excited about being featured in this months Coast Magazine, my friend and PR guru Claire Thorburn has been working very hard to try and get me a feature in my favourite coastal mag. for quite some time. She has hit the jackpot this time, thank you Claire

Friday 29 November 2019
Workshop with Gillian Lee Smith

Workshop with Gillian Lee Smith

Friday 25 October 2019
Lewis Noble workshop

Lewis Noble workshop

What a great 3 day workshop with Lewis Noble and the weather was extremely obliging.

Day one we when out to Beadnell beach in the morning to sketch using only black compressed charcoal and the sky and sea  presented themselves a very pleasing indigo and grey (maybe not what the seaside holidays makers where expecting but great for us artists

Day two sketching with colour out at Bamburgh beach stag rock and guess what? the sun shone and our limited colour pallet came in to play. Students created lots of work on A2 paper ready to be torn-up back in the studio and reconstructed into memories of the day to be used the next day to help create finished 

Day three  perfect weather for a studio day .. rain.. it did dry up in the afternoon so we could us the balcony to dry our work and have tea and cake alfresco 

The excellent work completed was testimony to Lewis Nobels excellent teaching skills 

There was great feedback and very positive comments from our students .Everyone took home a huge collection of great artwork, hopefully great memories of the breathtaking northumberland coast, new friends to keep in contact with and hopefully new skills to carrie them forward in their art journey 

Well done everyone and thank you Lewis for venturing up to northumberland, hope you will return 

Saturday 10 August 2019
Coast Magazine

Coast Magazine

I’ve been dreaming of featuring in Coast magazine from the day i picked up its very first issue.

Drooling over the beautiful pictures of the amazing coastline surrounding our island of the United Kingdom,…. Kingdom doesn’t that sound just grand!! 

Hip Hip Hurrah I've made it !!

Check out the September issue, I’m in the “Ten thing too do this month” section 

Art Holidays.. now there’s another thing I’ve been dreaming of for a long time.

Art has always been a passion of mine since i was a little girl, its now becoming a bit of an obsession. Thats not a bad thing is it? Calming, therapeutic just me and a paint brush, what’s not to like?

Having participated in one or two art holidays myself i decided  this was something i could offer alongside my existing holiday

accommodation business.

Living on the beautiful North Northumberland Coast made the decision easy, along with Instagram  through which i have been able to secure some great Tutors offering a variety of workshops 

Heres to a great Arty year and many more to come  

Saturday 27 July 2019
Art in the garden

Art in the garden

Last weekend i exhibited some of my work out in the open in a very lovely garden in Scotland. It was one of the Scotlands open garden scheme charity days, set in two and a half acres of “garden rooms” Beautiful manicured lawns clipped hedges, cottage style vegetable garden and an orchard playing host to hens and ducks.

This orchard room was where i set up my art, using recycled traffic signs as easels. It was a super day, the sun shone and people filtered through all daylong, i even sold three paintings! 

It just goes to show you don’t need to have a roof and walls to exhibit your work, it dose help having the weather on your side for the day though.

Thursday 13 June 2019
French road trip

French road trip

Hi everyone..... its been too long.....sorry

Since returning home from my road trip to France, its been all about the gardens.

Creating artwork has taken a back seat to growing tasty vegetables and planting pretty flowers (both of which will probably appear in my art at some stage of their lives)

It was so lovely to be able to personaly install the artwork in my French clients beautiful home ... its always a worry that commissions don't live up to the clients expectations ...but I'm happy to say they were delighted with the results.

Im hoping to return to their beautiful part of France one day and maybe paint the sunflowers they assure me stand majestically in the fields that surrounds their village... maybe hire a bike from “Gascogne bike hire” and explore the miles of cycle tracks around the area and hopefully take in a yoga class and cookery session with the amazing “Tamsin Chubb” at the Little French Retreat






Tuesday 19 June 2018
French trip

French trip

Well here I am at Portsmouth waiting to board  a ferry bound for France 

In my car are some of my paintings just ready to adorn a lucky collectors home 

Come back for the instalment photos next week

Sunday 06 May 2018
launch day

launch day

Today is the day we go live. 

It’s such an exciting day for me, a line in the sand when my art - which has been my lifelong passion since childhood -  has now become official with the launch of my website - Julie Gregory Art. 

This website is a platform for my artwork - where people can just browse or purchase my paintings - it is a culmination of a journey of discovery, charting the progress of my work, a reflection of where I live and my inspiration 

My aim is to use the site as a vehicle of communication where i can share the development of my skills and techniques - the movements from realism to expressionism thought to abstract 

Positive feedback from Instagram has been a great boost of confidence, helping me realise my art was worthy of its own place in cyber space - a new website is born 

In my Bio i say - Art is a representation of my thoughts - i can express myself freely through brushes, paint and different mediums, I can story tell, recount, whereas writing these words you’re reading now is a struggle 

Art is my escape, a road to well being and an aid to recover

It just goes to show, if you have a passion and love for something, follow your dream



Saturday 05 May 2018
New Website

New Website

Busy new website is under constrution..

Thursday 19 April 2018

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